How to Deal with Your Kid’s Homework Challenges

Pooja is a working mom, for whom forcing her kids to complete the homework is a task. After finishing her daily chores and office work, she has very little energy to deal with kid’s homework.  And till then kid also gets tired. Oh! It’s Kahani Ghar-Ghar Ki! For most parents getting homework done is a challenge.

So, let’s see why the kids diffuse to do homework-

  1. Have you ever observed, kids always finish the homework of their favorite subjects, no matter how lengthy it is? The reason is they have grabbed interest in that subject. Plus, they are cleared with the concepts taught in the school. So, before starting any homework, ask them to revise the chapter. Believe us, this methodology will make the task easy.
  2. “Sit properly!”, “why your handwriting is not good?”, “Why are you doing so many spelling mistakes?”

We want our kids to be perfect. In fact, they also want to be perfect when they compare themselves with their fellows. Frequent scolding, comparison, and instructions are harmful to their confidence. They find ‘ignoring the homework’ easy than doing it.

Keep your attitude positive towards the study. Instead of negative statements try saying “give your 100%”, “let’s ignore spellings for a while, we’ll correct it later”. After all attitude and willingness matter; aren’t they?

  • “I already studied in the class, why do I need to do it again?” They might feel that it’s silly to write about a book they’ve already read and they want to spend as little time as possible rehashing it. Telling the importance of homework is the need of the hour. Doing homework with them and rechecking it will help them to develop interest and understanding. You can create a checklist for them to recheck like completion, spelling handwriting, etc. this will help them for self-assessment even in exams.
  • Discover new ideas, concepts, and skills they can master. For example, if they want something from a toy shop, give them money and let them practice addition, subtraction & multiplication in day-to-day life.  Kids learn through practical knowledge. Let them help you in the kitchen small experiments will help to clear the concepts. You will definitely enjoy their expressions when they will learn them theoretically.
  • Be in touch with the teacher to understand their expectations about the homework so that you can help your child reach those specific goals.
  • A good study needs a good environment. You can follow the below-mentioned tips for a perfect study atmosphere
    • Fix study schedule and strictly follow it
    • Ensure that kid is studying with a full stomach
    • The study room should be no disturbance zone.
    • Don’t allow any distractions in the room like noisy siblings, television, mobiles, etc.
    • However, some meditating music help to create the environment
    • There should be proper light, air, and sitting arrangement for the kid